University is bigger than the classroom

  • Posted on: 29 March 2017


We are three months into 2017, and as far as I’m concerned this year is nearly over- it’s going so fast! But well, there will be those that feel like March has dragged on. Especially considering that UNAM has already had a semester break and the next time we are sniffing any type of holiday will be sometime mid-April.


But there are ways to make the time fly and create the semester to remember while you are at it. And no, I am not talking about going out and getting plastered until you can’t remember your own name – come on, let’s be a little more original than that.


For example, did you know that NUST has 10 sports clubs and even more cultural and interest groups that you can join? I recommend debating for those who find that they enjoy arguing, and the drama club for those who dream of being everything and anything in the world. Heck, you can even start your own group if you feel there is need for it. Granted you need to convince enough people join you. Did you know you could also apply to be a NUST buddy and get hitched to an exchange student you get to show around campus and Windhoek. It’s a grand way to make friends from all over the world without even having to leave the country.


The point is, all work and no play makes Jimmy a dull boy. Just because the work in university is demanding doesn’t mean you can’t involve yourself in activities that could teach you new social and physical skills. Explore the world in ways you never have before. Allow yourself to experience something different from the mandatory routine, because now is the only time you have. Once the employment ball-and-chain is fastened, escape is rare, besides, a little involvement in the world around you makes you more attractive to potential employers. It's something to think about.


Happy Exploring!

Your Editor