Public Management: A profession worth pursuing

  • Posted on: 6 July 2017
Gilbert Mandaga

I have often heard people say politics is a dirty game. Many a times when l try to engage fellow students in dialogue they are quick to show boredom; Why did you choose Public Management they ask. Why not pick something more understandable like Accounting or HR? Well…

This is my story:

Public management is an important field of study just like any other profession. But what makes public management unique is the recognition of improving the well-fare of the citizenry. It looks at the realities of society and seeks to identify theories that will address these societal ills such as unemployment, abject poverty, inequality and economic challenges.
This discipline of study requires dedicated individuals who believe in making meaningful contributions in the lives of others. It is no secret unemployment is becoming a major challenge that affects all of us. Once our academic journey is done unemployment will be our companion for a while, and the job hunting will become an immediate rather than abstract or hearsay reality.

This then calls for dedicated decision makers who will critically analyze the best ways possible to develop policies that directly address this problem into an opportunity. I am already looking at myself as that individual who will look into the vision 2030 and try to identify ways it can be translated into the expectation of those around us.

I will take time to think of the inequality in our society and work towards reviving hope, rebuilding communities and reduce vulnerability among the majority of our people. Through my pledge of honor, it would be my aspiration that Namibia can bring a new day free from corruption, a society where our elders can be treated with their respect. A nation where the youth are given space to participate in all sectors of the economy without discrimination or prejudice.
As a public management student I would like to let my fellow students and peers know that politics is not a dirty game. But a serious profession which requires dedicated men and women with a conviction of serving society with honor.

Gilbert Mandaga