Overcoming Silent Battles

  • Posted on: 11 April 2018
 Be the someone you needed to somebody else

Growing up I have realized, it is hard to show your emotions in front of people. We are brought up in a way that, it is okay for girl to show emotions in public but totally wrong for a boy to do it. Although we grew up in this innate culture, it is still hard for one to show his/her emotions in public.

Day in and day out we meet many people, some are going through the toughest problems and yet they pretend as if everything is okay. No one really likes to be known as weak and showing emotions in public reveals that. In reality we are world living behind the mask, living in fear of judgment and being afraid to be known as not strong enough. But if you look just a little bit closer you would see there’s a thin line between what we truly feel and what we show.

I wish people were more understanding, just because someone says they are okay it doesn’t mean that they actually are. So next time you feel like saying that hurtful thing to someone, just remember that their emotions might be overloaded and your one negative comment could be the one that pushes him/ her over the edge. Always try to be nice to people, be the one to bring light in someone’s life and if someone trust you enough to tell you what’s wrong, be accepting and kind, be the someone you needed to somebody else.

Petrus Victoria