YOLO so sacrifice FOMO

  • Posted on: 23 April 2018

I was giddy like a kid in a candy store whose parents have to tell her ‘NO!’ otherwise, if she has it her way, she will leave with the entire thing, vending machines and all.
To understand my excitement, you have to know the context, so here’s the short of it: I am a NUST alumni and I moved to Cape Town to pursue my Honours in Film and Television studies. That should be enough to make you realise the craze I was going through.
This is a much bigger city, our little Windhoek, quant and beautiful as it is, well doesn’t quite compare. There is so much to do, there’s so much I want to experience! Overnight I turned into the most outgoing, outdoorsy individual with a self-deluded bottomless purse and up for everything!
Fast forward two months later I noticed that my little pile of work had gone from being a molehill to a mountain. I had to accept, to my dismay, that if I ignored it, it would go from being the Karas range mountains to insurmountable Everest where bodies are never recovered (Watch the movie, you will know what I mean).
So I say to myself what no child –or significant other lol- likes to hear ‘We need to talk.’ The only comforts being that this was a sign of maturity and I was being my own guardian so I would take it easy.
I begin by telling myself how proud I am of myself, I am now a NUST graduate who made it to UCT, that’s a big deal. But it also means the expectations are higher, and as much as it would be fun for this to be one big holiday; my visa expires at the end of this year and if I leave I can’t go empty handed.
This isn’t permanent, I reassure myself, one-day life will be great, I will get to do the things I love. But one day starts with today’s efforts and commitment. Little bits of sacrifice that lead to an amazing tomorrow. Denzel Washington says it this way: Do what you HAVE TO DO so you can do what you WANT TO DO.
I got a handle on it. My adult senses kicked in. And I’m on track to making sure the Karas is conquered with flying colours, with fun routes scheduled in of course.
It’s true, You Only Live Once, but Fear Of Missing Out on the unimportant stuff will keep you from being all that you can be. Then you’ll definitely have nothing worth posting on the Gram.

Kumbi Chitenderu