Oh no, exams again!

  • Posted on: 24 May 2018

It is around that time of the year when student life begins to be so annoying and traumatic. Oh yeah its winter, darn! And on top of that I need to study to earn good grades. That automatically means that I need to face the cold nights wrapped in a blanket and perhaps some gloves, but will I be able to page through all the loads of books with them on?

When its bedtime (round about 22:00) and everyone at home is about to call it a day, yet you have some studying to do, you tend to envy them so much. You will be seated at your bedside, scrolling down WhatsApp messages and contemplating whether you should study for at least two to three hours before you call it a night or whether you should slip into your blankets and wake up three hours earlier than usual to make-up for the lost time.

Believe you me, create a habit of postponing your study time and you are guaranteed a fail. It is all fun and games when you are out there and your friends or classmates tell you that they have not start studying yet. This is actually the time when you start to justify your laziness and feel that you are not doing anything wrong. Come next semester, you will recall all those nights you decided to sleep instead of studying, as you are to prepare for second opportunity exams.

There is really nothing more traumatizing than exams, especially June exams. It is so cold. However, the goal is to pass. So we have to strive for greatness. We all want to enter Safari Hotel…as many times as possible. So let’s suffer now, and sleep later, when the work is done and we have a real reason to rest.

Wellemina Johannes