Life as a student and mother

  • Posted on: 17 October 2018

God has entrusted me with a lot of responsibilities and being a mother is one that I do not take for granted. As a student and a mother my life is quite unique from most other undergraduate students around me.

Let’s begin here... On the 12th of January 2012 I gave birth to a wonderful child, who goes by the name of Omagano, which means gifts. I guess Omagano’s birth multiplied the motherliness in me, as I along the journey met wonderful boys and girls who too call me mom. Now, as a mother of a six-year-old and of a number of young adults my everyday life is filled with so much joy and lot of responsibilities.

After attending to Omagano’s homework, taking her to bed and set the program of the activities of the following day. I then take an hour nap. It is often after this breather that I would create space and an environment to fulfil my responsibilities as a student, in order to be on the winning team.

Despite all that, I am glad to share that I will be walking away with a good number of distinctions at the end of this Degree. You have read my story and know my struggle, if I can do it, you too can. There is best in wherever you find yourself, just try to first bring out the very best that is within. Believe that it is possible and you will achieve any goal you set yourself to achieve.

Rauna Tulonga Ndengu