When it’s time to change up and grow!!

  • Posted on: 7 December 2018

Cutting your dreadlocks after two years, moving out of your parent’s home or deciding to pursue a new degree all seem scary at first; change is uncertain and filled with plenty of grey areas. But what we never realise is that we have the ability and chance to fill those grey areas. I have always been a rational thinker, I will weigh options 100 times before I conclude and even then I will try to find something hidden in between. Although one would argue and say that rational thinking is an important attribute I would argue otherwise in most cases. I believe there is a thin line between rational thinking and over thinking. Being an over thinker sometimes means we ignore the simplicities that exist; we see the butterflies and wonder how their wings are shaped or how their colours come to being. Being an over thinker means we will think about cutting our dreadlocks for three months, plan the date and then never see the idea through.
I eventually cut my dreadlocks after two years; finally moved out of my parent’s home and also pursued a new course; all scary real life decisions I had to make. The best part was that these weren’t scary at all. One minute you have short hair and the next you are trying to find a new hair colour. One minute you are living at your parent’s home, the next you are sitting on the floor of your new one roomed place trying to figure where your painting should hang. We never realise that with change comes growth, we take ourselves to new places every time we make a change. I have learned that fearing change means fearing growth. So let this be the encouragement and motivation you seek. Make changes, big changes, small changes, just make an effort to grow every day. Always remember, ‘we regret the chances we didn’t take more than the ones we did.’