• Posted on: 1 April 2019

With the academic year in full swing, we are now bombarded with tests, assignments are due, and for students who are employed, work is demanding its fair share of attention. For Honours students it’s time to embark on the special journey of deciding on a research topic in order to make new beginnings of valuable contributions to the research world. Although scary, understanding that you have an opportunity to make a difference is a good place to be in. You will have to answer challenging questions such as which areas you excel in and where your contribution is most needed.
You might be faced with the fear of not knowing. Not knowing how to pass that test, how to divide your time well to cover that study guide with complete understanding and finish a good works assignment on time. You might already be wondering how you will pay your registration fees next semester or how to pay municipality bus fare to school next month – this is the time to push ourselves harder to believe. I suggest that we believe in his architecture skills and that we seek ways to intensify our desires to arise out of our limitations. Let us allow ourselves to be overtaken by great intensity, to get aroused and engage deeper into positive thinking – to trust that it is possible and believe without doubt in the things we need so that our minds may produce that detailed plan to act on and do what we can. I have learned that this is the way to go.
With the guidance of the omnipresent God, support of my good will, unwavering determination and great passion – I will became what I ought to be.
It is because I believe that no force nor power is greater than I am. I am a part of the greatest force that has made heaven and earth, the loving force that brought me into this beautiful form and that which keeps me in this valuable shape.
There is still so much to learn and master. I submit myself to the gradual process of life and rest in the internal good plan of the wonderful maker, the greatest author to give me hope and a good future.
It is for these reasons that I am completely sure that under the guidance of the one who is able – my anew will be better and even best!
Friends, may this hope be yours too.

Rauna Tulonga Ndengu