Get to know me - Leadership is my passion

  • Posted on: 7 November 2019
Lelian David

My name is Lelian David, better known as Lily Flower. Born in Rundu and grew up in Windhoek, I am a Namibian female, with a passion for leadership development. I was raised by dedicated and hardworking parents who ensured we always had enough to send me to school, despite their humble earnings.

The challenges experienced during my upbringing shaped me to become a hardworking person. I have learned that in this country if you are not wealthy the only way for you to make it is by being confident, hardworking, bold and by believing you can do all things through Christ. That’s my driving force, I will say the source of my successes in life.

I love to sing, act and dance and to help bring out the best in others. I am most passionate about helping others to realize their full potential. My ability to inspire the confidence of my peers and my own commitment to service became evident in my life, from a very young age.

I was elected as a Prefect in my Primary School, elected Head Girl of my High School, served as a student mentor before I was elected as a student ambassador at The Namibia University of Science and Technology. From a tender age and to this day, leadership has been my most natural and predominant characteristic. Dancing however, is my weakness, but I am working on it, during my leisure time I love listening to gospel music, reading my bible and watching movies or surfing on the internet.

Late this year I was elected as the Student Representative Council President at NUST and one of my biggest agenda I want focus on and fight for NUST students, with the help of management is to introduce Winter School and Summer School - for students who fail especially courses that have pre-requisite modules. Before writing supplementary exams, it is important that students are assisted with classes to prepare them for a second opportunity. I also aspire to create a strong relationship between students’ society leaders and the SRCs, I believe this will help us assist students more effectively.

My message for the students and management: NUST is our community, let’s work together to make our community better and greater!

Lelian David