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By Antonio Barera


By Priscilla Simon

Do you think we should still have a different winter time?

Yes, that extra hour makes a difference.
63% (10 votes)
Only if the advantages of changing are more.
19% (3 votes)
No, adjusting back to summer time sucks.
19% (3 votes)
Total votes: 16

University is bigger than the classroom

We are three months into 2017, and as far as I’m concerned this year is nearly over- it’s going so fast! But well, there will be those that feel like March has dragged on. Especially considering that UNAM has already had a semester break and the next time we are sniffing any type of holiday will be sometime mid-April.

But there are ways to make the time fly and create the semester to remember while you are at it. And no, I am not talking about going out and getting plastered until you can’t remember your own name – come on, let’s be a little more original than that.


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