Love Who You Are

By Saara Shilongo

It’s simple: Never try to be somebody you are not, it is a pure waste of time.

Varsity is one of the places where young people try to re-design themselves, and often their re-invention is an attempt to be like their friends. Speaking from experience, my first year was a huge challenge for me. I never wanted my friends to see me as boring and not cool enough. For this reason, I became a follower. I failed an important lesson: I failed to understand my uniqueness.

Broaden Your Mind

By: Robin Sparkles

I really detest getting my hair done. It is such a traumatic experience for me. I am not at all melodramatic but I never know if I will look great or if I will look like a circus clown, not to mention sitting for hours is really torturous. But if I am to be taken seriously in this world I just have to suffer for beauty. If anyone ever told you looks do not matter, they lied!

The Power of your Thoughts

By: Vezembouua Ronel Kuzatjike

Have you ever been at a point in your life where all you can think about is everything that is just going wrong around you? Well, I can relate because a few months ago my thoughts seemed to only consist of all my failed goals. My perception was coloured with self-disappointment, making me feel like the world around me…my life really… was a disaster. It felt as if life was just whizzing by and I could do nothing to stop it, there were no solutions to my problems in sight.

The New Year has begun!

Does anyone else remember that song “Back to school, back to reality”? And if there are any out there like me, all you really looked forward to was meeting up with friends and telling them all about the cool holiday you had -even if you have to invent a few stories so you don’t look uncool! The new stationary was a plus as well, until a few pages into the new writing book and you suddenly don’t feel like this homework anymore! I digress.


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